ACC partnership programme

The University and UniServices Limited are accredited employers in the ACC Partnership Programme.

To achieve this means that they have demonstrated effective injury prevention and safety management systems.

What is ACC?

The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) is a no-fault, 24-hour personal injury cover for all New Zealanders and visitors. Regardless of how you suffered an accident or injury, ACC provides a support framework to assist with receiving medical treatment, rehabilitation and compensation while you are recovering.

Visit now: ACC website.

However, for work-related injuries the University manages its own claims with the assistance of WorkAon.

ACC Partnership Programme

By joining the ACC Partnership Programme in 2000, we have been able to manage workplace injuries and co-ordinate the rehabilitation and return to work of injured employees more effectively.

In other words, we have stepped into the shoes of ACC to manage our employee work-related injury claims.

To assist us with this process we have contracted WorkAon to manage the registration and lodgement of claims. WorkAon will also co-ordinate and case manage the rehabilitation of seriously injured employees and complex claims. This may include:

  • Surgery
  • Home help
  • Re-training
  • Extensive rehabilitation support.

As it is an accredited employer, the University abides by the statutory requirements of the Accident Compensation Act 2001, with all aspects of injury claim management as specified by ACC.

We manage our injury claims for a period of 48 months. Should an injury claim remain open after this period, it is handed back to ACC to continue ongoing case management with the injured person.

The ultimate aim is to have an injured person recover as well as can be expected from an injury and be vocationally independent.


This programme covers employees only of the University of Auckland and UniServices, and includes casual or part-time staff who have suffered a work-related accident resulting in injury.

It does not extend to students, visitors, independent self-employed contractors or 'temp' staff who are agency employed. They are covered by ACC.

The programme is not insurance for damaged or lost property as a result of a work-related accident.

Note: Non-work related accidents are covered by ACC and not the University.


The benefits of being part of the ACC Partnership Programme are:

  • Decisions on work-related injury claims will be made quickly and effectively
  • Injured employees can be informed of, and receive their entitlements promptly
  • Staff and management who are familiar with the workplace will be fully involved in the process, particularly with return to work plans and rehabilitation
  • All claims can be brought immediately to the attention of the appropriate manager so that preventive action can take place to avoid further accidents
  • Effective communication can take place between injured employees, their treatment providers and doctors, and management in relation to the timing and circumstances of return to work.

An important incentive with being in this programme is to prevent or minimise injuries occurring in the first place by having comprehensive health and safety management systems in place.

ACC Audit

The University is audited on an annual basis by an independent auditor on behalf of ACC.

This is to assess and review the University’s health and safety management systems and our injury claim management over the previous 12 months. The audit programme has 19 key elements that must be met and proven. Each element has a series of sub sections that must demonstrate evidence that systems are in place and are operating.

Interviews with staff, management, some injury claimants, and worksite inspections are also conducted as part of the audit. As the university is large, one or two faculties and a service division may be chosen for audit purposes. This normally takes place in July or August each year.

WorkAon is also involved in the audit with the University and is subject to additional reviews by ACC auditors.

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