General information for reporting health and safety incidents for students

Report Injuries, Incidents and Observations.

Students should report incidents, injuries and observations to the Student Contact Centre or via their academic supervisor. 

For emergency assistance contact University Security (24 hours):

Ph 0800 373 7550 or 966 (internal)

To assist with identification of the person involved, please include their staff/student ID number and a contact phone number (if known) in the "What Happened" section.

Please note that the searching of names is via the person's legal name which may differ to their preferred name.

Definitions of health and safety incidents


Report any injury to a student during the course of work activity.

Incidents - No Injury

Report any unplanned event or occurrence that under slightly different circumstances could have caused harm, injury, ill-health or damage.


Report observed safe (positive) or unsafe (hazardous) acts or conditions.

What and when should incidents or accidents be reported?

Any incident, injury, illness or related health and safety concern at the University of Auckland must be reported if they occur:

  • On Campus
  • At a UoA controlled entity [eg offsite store]
  • At a "Work from Home space", if the incident is work related
  • Or while taking part in any University-sanctioned activity or field-trip (including when overseas or during maritime work).

These include:

  • Injuries or illnesses
  • Incidents or near-misses with potential for harm to persons
  • Health and safety observations (safe/positive or unsafe/hazardous)
  • Gradual process injuries such as OOS-related diagnosis, noise-induced hearing loss or dermatitis (where an actual injury date may be difficult to determine). Note that you should record these injuries when you first notice the symptoms or suspect you have them
  • Any time you have sought treatment from a medical provider for an injury that may be deemed work related (eg doctor, physio).


To learn more about reporting health and safety incidents, a 15 minute online training module Creating Health and Safety Awareness is available.  

Health and Safety References

University of Auckland Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy

University of Auckland Health, Safety and Wellbeing definitions

Health and Safety at Work Act, 2015 (WorkSafe)

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