Responses and roles of supervisors and managers

Sequence of immediate response actions

Protect your health and safety.

Protect the health and safety of others.

If necessary:

  • Provide aid to any injured persons involved in the incident
  • Call for first aider. More information: First aiders and defibrillators
  • Call emergency services. Emergency information: Contacts and information sources

If applicable:

  • Call University Security to coordinate access for emergency services on campus. Contact details: Security
  • Take essential action to make the site safe or to prevent a further incident.

After injured persons have been assisted:

  • Isolate the incident site or take essential action to prevent a further incident
  • Notify your supervisor or manager
  • For accidents that have or may have resulted in a notifiable injury. More information: Notifiable events 

Do not disturb the accident scene

  1. Until a clearance has been issued from the regulatory authority.
  2. Upon confirmation that the site can be disturbed, site restoration or repair work may commence and the necessary arrangements for the site to be made permanently safe may start
  3. Follow up with person to check their injury status and wellbeing.

Reporting immediate response incidents

  1. Assist the staff member to complete the accident report.
  2. Investigate the accident/incident.
  3. Identify corrective actions that need to be taken and instigate these.
  4. Ensure that completed University accident/incident forms are to be immediately reported to Heads of Department or Managers, who are required to check the accuracy of the report and forward the original to the Health, Safety and Wellbeing service without delay, i.e. within that working day, prior to the end of that shift.

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