Taking maths education into the future

Mathematics has transformed our world for centuries, but we know little about university level maths education. How do we ensure mathematics education is fit for future learning?

Igor Kontorovich
Dr Igor Kontorovich and Deputy Vice-chancellor, Research Professor Jim Metson.

How we learn has evolved with technology and Dr Igor Kontorovich is interested how this affects how mathematics is taught at university level. The discipline is vitally important to understand the world and we will always need high level mathematicians. 

Kontorovich will research how the shift online has affected collaboration and interaction and his goal is for the findings to inform the way online teaching and learning can be improved in the future.

Kontorovich's work was recognised with an Early Career Research Excellence Award at the 2022 Celebrating Excellence Awards at Waipapa Taumata Rau, University of Auckland.

Media contact

Gilbert Wong | Research communications manager

M: 021917942

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