University statement on international student enrolment termination

This statement responds to media and social media discussion on the termination of a student's enrolment.

The decision to terminate the student’s enrolment was not taken lightly. It was based on explicit advice from her own medical team who advised that the student was at high risk if she continued to study in New Zealand.

Our assessment, following meetings and conversations with them and the student’s family, was that exceptional circumstances meant we could not continue to meet our obligations to her under the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016.

We are absolutely confident that this student has been extensively supported and treated with care and compassion for the four years of her enrolment here. We are committed to pastoral care, for both international and domestic students, and provide a wide range of support, as well as counselling and professional care when it is required*.

There has been no exception in this case.

The University will not and must not breach student confidentiality regardless of any waiver or conversations initiated by anyone else. We therefore cannot enter into a conversation with members of the media or social media community or respond to speculation. Our correspondence with her was in confidence.

The letter advising the student of the termination of her enrolment was necessarily formal as part of a complex legal process. It was delivered in the context of her mental health care, and formed a small part of a significant body of correspondence from the University that demonstrates the compassion that has been shown to the student during her time with us.

It is very rare for the University to terminate a student’s enrolment and this is only ever contemplated in exceptional circumstances such as these. Our overriding motivation is to support students to succeed in their study and life goals.

*The University’s wide range of help, counselling and professional support services is detailed on our webpage: Support for current students/mental health