Completion of Quantum Report actions to support staff facing external harassment

Wednesday 11 October 2023

In 2021 the University commissioned an independent safety and security audit from Quantum Security Services.

The Quantum audit report made a number of short, medium and long-term recommendations to reduce risk and provide support for staff to keep themselves safe online and digitally.

The University is pleased to confirm that all recommendations have been completed and reported to the University Council Audit and Risk Committee which met on 27 September 2023.

As part of this a number of actions have been taken including:

  • Continuing to develop the Staff Risk Intervention Team (SRIT), who support 15-20 staff each year experiencing external harassment, and proactively advise other staff in relation to this issue.
  • Hiring a full-time Staff Support Specialist.
  • Compiling a list of resources available to support staff: Support for staff facing external harassment.
  • Liaising regularly with WorkSafe to discuss best practice in this area.
  • Offering social media monitoring and email quarantine support for staff experiencing external harassment.
  • Providing personalised support and guidance on digital and physical safety.

The University is committed to the safety and well-being of staff. Please contact the Staff Risk Intervention Team (SRIT) if you are concerned about harassment or threats from external or unknown sources.

For any concerns relating to harassment within the University community, please contact your line manager or Human Resources.