The University of Auckland announces a strategic partnership with Eden Park

Friday 23 February

The University has entered a three-year strategic partnership with the Eden Park Trust to become its exclusive education and research partner.

This relationship aligns with the partnerships and engagement priorities set out in Taumata Teitei. Notably, it reflects our strategic intent to deepen our relationship with the diverse communities of the region and aspirations to build enduring relationships. This opportunity supports us to be an ambitious and relevant partner that is globally networked.

We are working with Eden Park on several plans to create opportunities for educational exchanges, joint research, student work experience, venue-related professional development experiences and aligned community and cultural initiatives. The partnership also supports our marketing needs through the renaming of Eden Park’s North Stand to become the University of Auckland North Stand.

Eden Park and the University have many shared values and we are each equally committed to delivering benefits to the community within which we operate.

As a strategic and mutually beneficial partnership, we expect to derive long-term value from this relationship through both tangible and intangible benefits.

We have also published a media release about the partnership on the public website. Read the media release