Power failure on the City Campus, Sector 200

Update Sunday 15 August 9am

The power outage in Sector 200 of the City Campus has now been resolved, with mains power restored to all buildings around 7.30pm on Saturday 14 August. Building checks have been completed and services have returned to normal.

Friday 13 August 4pm

The restoration of mains power supply to the remaining buildings in Sector 200 is expected to be completed on Saturday night. 

In the meantime, an emergency generator is providing power to affected buildings, allowing them to remain open and fully used until the switchover to mains power supply.

In summary, we now have power to all buildings in Sector 200 either from mains supply or generator. All normal access control operations are restored and buildings are safe to use with emergency systems working as normal.

Updates will be provided here as they come to hand.