Requirements for coming on to campus

Wednesday 26 January 2022

Before coming on to any University of Auckland campus

  • Students, staff, your My Vaccine Pass must be uploaded into the University's Vaccination Declaration Portal.
  • Visitors must bring a digital or hard copy version of their My Vaccine Pass, and be ready to present it to University officials upon request at all times while on campus.
    • This also applies to contractors and volunteers who do not have a University username.

Do NOT come on to campus if...

You have a fever, chills or sweats, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose, or loss or change in sense of taste or smell – however mild.

When on and moving about on any University of Auckland campus

You must keep track of where you go by continuing to use the Government’s NZ COVID Tracer app with Bluetooth turned on.

Face coverings and masks are strongly recommended by the Ministry of Education when indoors. Additionally, the University expects their use for teaching and learning, libraries and indoor student hubs, and in all common areas where distancing may be problematic, e.g. lifts and corridors. More about this in Masks and face coverings.

Our Covid-19 vaccination and testing policy

The University’s vaccination policy came into effect on 4 January 2022. The policy sets out our obligations and responsibilities for accessing campus and taking part in face-to-face University-managed activities, including strong encouragement for our community to be vaccinated as well as a provision for responsible use of testing, and the requirement for a My Vaccine Pass to enter our campuses.

The University’s priority throughout the Covid-19 pandemic has been to protect the health, safety and well-being of our University community, and that remains our priority with this policy.

The vaccination policy covers the following areas:

  • Who it affects and when – including exemptions
  • The processes for uploading vaccine passes and the requirement to pre-upload
  • How vaccination information will be handled from a privacy perspective
  • The limited application of testing at Orange in lieu of vaccination – by exemption only,         and the need to apply/register at all settings
  • The appeals process
  • Processes for adjusting work and study for those who can’t attend on campus.

This policy will be monitored constantly in relation to the required settings, with a full review to take place by the end of June 2022.

University Vaccination Declaration Portal

Our vaccination declaration portal allows you to upload your vaccination information using the Government’s My Vaccine Pass.

The portal is for everyone who wants to come on to any of our campuses. When you access it you will be provided with the following options: 

  • I want to verify My Vaccine Pass 
  • I do not want to disclose
  • I do not have a My Vaccine Pass. 

Your information can be updated on the portal if your circumstances change, however the most recent update is the one used. Your data is stored securely by the University and access to it is highly restricted. 

If you need help with the portal, please contact the following services:

For staff

For students and visitors

Contact tracing on campus

You must keep track of where you have been by continuing to use the Government’s NZ COVID Tracer app with Bluetooth turned on, when on and moving about campus.

This is one way we can all continue to play our part in keeping ourselves, students, colleagues and the wider University community safe. Remember, both actions are important for contact tracing.

You’ll find NZ COVID Tracer QR code posters at University building entrances, at cafes on campus, in student areas and in many teaching spaces. Our campuses are large areas with multiple buildings, so scanning at the different places you may visit will assist in more precise contact tracing if required.

If you spot a poster that needs replacing or changing, or an area that requires a QR Code, please let us know at

For more information on the NZ COVID Tracer app and how to turn on Bluetooth, refer to the Government’s NZ COVID Tracer app page.