Teaching and learning settings from 2 May

Wednesday 23 March 2022

When the University returns from the mid-semester break on 2 May 2022, all teaching and learning activities (other than tests and exams) will proceed in-person and on-campus as timetabled, and students are encouraged to attend on-campus.

Key features

  1.  You are expected to wear a face mask in indoor settings where physical distancing is difficult to maintain, including lectures and other teaching spaces, bathrooms and lifts. For some locations such as pharmacies, health and disability services and retail outlets, wearing a face mask is required by Government mandate (see Face masks at Orange on Unite against COVID-19). Staff do not need to wear masks in teaching spaces while presenting if they can maintain physical distancing of at least two metres. This also applies to staff training courses.

  2. Examinations will be open book, remote and un-invigilated by default for the entirety of 2022, unless there are approved exceptions. The Provost has additionally confirmed that tests will remain online at the same time as the originally scheduled test for the remainder of Semester One/Quarter Two, again unless exceptions are approved. All other assessments should be performed as originally scheduled.

  3. Where there are compelling reasons for a particular teaching activity not to be taught in person (e.g., staff with health conditions that make them high risk) alternatives may be approved by faculty Associate Deans (Learning and Teaching), with an aim to maintain as much operating as published in the course outline as is reasonable. Guidelines will be developed to support this decision making process.

  4. Only students enrolled in a remote stream of a course that has been previously agreed to be dual delivery (for students who are offshore or approved to study remotely) can expect to be able to access a fully remote version of a course. Students who are particularly vulnerable, or who have caring responsibilities for vulnerable dependants, or have other exceptional reasons preventing them from attending on campus, can apply to be enrolled in a remote stream in courses that offer them.

  5. Lecture theatre recordings will continue to be made and published (other than for courses with approved exceptions that have notified this to their students in the course outline).

  6. Students unable to attend assessed activities due to illness, requirements to self-isolate, or other unexpected circumstances should use the existing University procedures to deal with these.

    Note that the aegrotat and compassionate consideration processes for tests and exams have been streamlined, with changed evidence requirements, and fees removed.

    Guidelines for supporting students who have unexpected circumstances affecting coursework have also been developed.

Teaching activities between 15 April and 2 May

For any teaching activities scheduled to occur between 15 April and 2 May, course directors will make a decision about the mode of delivery of the activity, which may be in person or remote, and communicate this to students as soon as they can. During this transition period if a course director schedules a teaching activity in person a remote version must be available for any students who cannot or are not willing to attend in person.