Group applications FAQs

2024 Group Applications open 1 August, 2023. Page current as of 7 July 2023

How do I list all members of my group in the Accommodation Portal? 

When you reach the group application page you will see the following

Screenshot showing how to put one name under the field group leader and your group members in the group member field

When entering the names of your group please ensure that you use their preferred name as stated on your University enrolment, to ensure that your group gets allocated correctly.

Group Leader:
Jane Friday

Group Members:
John Day / Peter French / Jenny Peach  (each name must be separated by a / please do not use a different separator. Be sure to include your name and your group leaders name in this section.)

How many members do we need for a group?

Your group can be anywhere between two to six people. Please note that we have limited numbers of each apartment size – whilst we will try to room your group in an apartment to reflect your group number, your group may be placed with another group or single applicant in the same apartment.

What if we only have a group of two?

You are welcome to make a group application with only two members, however, please note we do not have two bed apartments at any of our residences (other than those allocated to families). If you make a two-person group application, you do so knowing you will be roomed with either a second group or other single applicants. If one member of your two-person group withdraws, the other member will automatically become a single applicant.

What is a ‘Group Leader'?

The Group Leader is the liaison between the Accommodation Solutions Team and your group. If we need to get in touch regarding your group application, we will contact your Group Leader and expect they will share the information with the wider group. As part of your application, you will tick to agree to the Group Leader being your chosen liaison. If any changes to your group occur, the Group Leader would be responsible for liaising with the Accommodation Solutions Team with the understanding they have cleared the amendments with the wider group prior

What do we expect from the ‘Group Leader’?

Know your group! Make sure all members of your group are aware of the criteria for a group application – all people in your group should be responsible members of their current residential community and have their accounts up to date. Any questions – talk to the Resident Manager of your current residence.

What if we currently live in different UoA Accommodation residence?

Your group can be made up of any current UoA Accommodation residents, no matter which residence they currently live in. All criteria for selection still apply. If one of your group members is a UoA student but not a current resident, please ensure that they have submitted their application by the due date in order to be considered as part of your group.

What do we expect from the ‘Group Members’?

As a Group Member we expect you to keep your Group Leader advised of any changes to your application or circumstances. You must meet the criteria set out to qualify for an offer. If you have any doubts on meeting the criteria, it is your responsibility to check with your current residential manager to make sure there is nothing on your part that will hinder the group being offered accommodation.

What is the group selection criteria?       

  • You are a responsible and respectful member of the community. [This will be determined by evaluating any incident reports relating to you]
  • You have taken care of your current room and common space. [This will be determined by any damage charges applied to you alone - it does not include community charges]
  • Your current account status and payment history. [This will be determined by reviewing your account and whether you have met your contract/agreed payments in a timely fashion]

What if we want to change our group members?

We can accommodate group member changes prior to offers being sent. If group member changes are requested after offers are sent out, they will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis dependent on availability.

To add or remove a group member, the team leader must email the Accommodation Solutions Team with the name and student ID of the student in question. Contact the Team at

What if one of our group members doesn’t get an offer?

Choose your group members wisely. Each member will need to meet the criteria as listed above to receive an offer.

What if we want to change our chosen residence?

Your group can apply for either Carlaw Park – Stuart McCutcheon House or Nicholls, you all have to apply for the same residence to be considered as a group. The group will receive offers for the residence you all applied for. If the whole group wants to change their residence option, the Group Leader will need to communicate with the Accommodation Solutions team, who will do their best to re-offer but may not be able to. See how many bedroom flats each property has on the Group Applications page

I want to apply for Semester 1 only?

Advanced Group applications can only be made by applicants applying for a 42- or 52-week term. Semester 1 only applicants will not be considered for Group Applications.

When do we have to have our group application in by? ALL members of the group will need to have completed their application by the 31st August 2022 to be considered for an Advanced Group Offer.

Can we apply and be offered as a group after the advance offers have been made?

We strongly advise that you get your group application in by the due date to make sure you do not miss on out on an offer. However, depending on availability we will continue to make further group offers.

When will we receive an offer?

Provided that your group has met the selection criteria, group members will receive an offer by mid-October. 

What if we do not receive a group offer?

You are very likely to receive a group offer if all of your group members have a complete application that meet all criteria. If you do not receive a group offer, your application will automatically be considered for a single offer in the mid-October initial offer round.