Location and contacts

University of Auckland Sport and Recreation

Recreation Centre

70 Stanley Street
City Campus
Auckland City

Reception: Ground level 

Phone: +64 9 923 4788

Email: universitysport@auckland.ac.nz

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Our customer service staff can help with your membership and general enquiries. You can also purchase nutritional and training products.

Sports Centre

5-7 Wynyard Street

City Campus

Auckland City

Email: universitysport@auckland.ac.nz

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Esports Arena

Level 1

Kate Edger Information Commons

Building 315, 9 Symonds Street

Auckland City

Email: esports@auckland.ac.nz

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Staff contacts

Sean Smith 
Associate Director Campus Life, Sport and Recreation
Phone: +64 9 923 5174
Email: sean.smith@auckland.ac.nz

Kelly Davey
Operations and Programmes Manager
Phone: +64 9 923 5294
Email: k.davey@auckland.ac.nz

Samantha Nicolson
Customer Experience Manager
Phone: +64 9 923 5709 
Email: samantha.nicolson@auckland.ac.nz

Albie Eaton
Sport Development Manager
Phone: +64 9 923 9919
Email: albie.eaton@auckland.ac.nz

Chance Mickleson
Recreation Supervisor
Phone: +64 9 923 1760
Email: chance.mickleson@auckland.ac.nz

Sophia Findlay 
Customer Experience Coordinator 
Email: sophia.findlay@auckland.ac.nz

Caitlin Clark 
Customer Experience Coordinator
Email: caitlin.clark@auckland.ac.nz

Jessica Brierley
Sport Team Leader
Phone: +64 9 923 1813
Email: jessica.brierley@auckland.ac.nz

Toby Batchelor
Sport Development Manager
Phone: +64 9 923 7263
Email: t.batchelor@auckland.ac.nz

Barkin Sertkaya
Esports Coordinator
Email: barkin.sertkaya@auckland.ac.nz

Daniel Dai
Operations & Bookings Coordinator
Phone: +64 9 373 7599
Email: daniel.dai@auckland.ac.nz

Alaimalo Mataafa
Sports Team Leader
Phone: +64 9 923 3246
Email: alaimalo.mataafa@auckland.ac.nz

Jake McRae
Sports Team Leader 
Email: jake.mcrae@auckland.ac.nz

Brock Gunson
High Performance Support Coordinator
Phone: +64 9 923 8693
Email: brock.gunson@auckland.ac.nz

Jack Miller
Sports Coordinator
Email: jack.miller@auckland.ac.nz

Kelsey Manuatu
Sports Coordinator
Email: kelsey.manuatu@auckland.ac.nz

Nicola Moody-Turnwald
Sports Coordinator
Email: nicola.moody-turnwald@auckland.ac.nz

Emma Gillard
Health & Wellbeing Coordinator
Phone: +64 9 923 1765
Email: e.gillard@auckland.ac.nz

Phoenix Peneha
Sports Coordinator
Email: phoenix.peneha@auckland.ac.nz 

Madison Cronin
Programme Coordinator
Email: madison.cronin@auckland.ac.nz

Jahmal Beckmannflay
Programme Coordinator
Email: j.beckmannflay@auckland.ac.nz 

Irene Yap
Recreation Coordinator
Email: irene.yap@auckland.ac.nz