About UNIM8S Social Sport Leagues

UNIM8S Social Sport Leagues are a great way to have fun and get fit while hanging out with your friends, classmates and workmates.

What’s on offer this semester

There are a variety of UNIM8S sport to play including Basketball, Futsal, Indoor Netball, Volleyball, and Ultimate Frisbee; you can check the complete list of sport on offer and how to register here

How to find a team

Your best bet to find fill-in players or a team to play in, is to advertise your sporting prowess on the UNIM8S Social Sport League Facebook group. This group has been set up so individual players and teams can connect with each other. Alternatively you can contact the UNIM8S co-ordinator (details below).

Visit the UNIM8S Facebook Group.

Community teams

Teams from outside the University of Auckland can register as a community team. Please note that student teams will have priority if we have capacity issues with the league. Community teams also have to pay a slightly higher fee than student teams. 

High-school students

Secondary school students are welcome to join us. As a way of supporting the Sport Beyond School, you’ll pay the normal University student price.

Money matters

You don’t have to pay to enter the City Campus Recreation Centre. Your UNIM8S registration fees goes towards covering the cost of court hire during your allocated game time. However, you will need to pay for additional visits that fall outside of your game time. 

Terms and Conditions


If you need more information or have any questions, please contact: