Team registration process

Once your team has been recruited and is ready to register, simply visit your chosen sport's website where you can find the links and forms.

The new team registration process is as follows:

  • Follow the 'Team Registration Form' link (which will be activated when registrations open) and complete the quick and easy online form.
  • Follow the 'Team Registration Payment' link (which will be activated when registrations open) to the UNIM8s online store. Complete the required fields and online payment.
  • Once those are complete and the team is registered, you will receive an automated confirmation email containing a link to the 'Player Registration Form'. This form requests your team member's details and should be submitted ASAP.

A team's registration is not confirmed until they have submitted the online 'Team Registration Form' and completed the payment for the season.

If you have any questions regarding the process, please email