Clubs Awards 2016

Congratulations to the 2016 Clubs Awards winners

New Club of the Year: Grafton Running Club

This new club successfully links the long standing University Running Club with an initiative to engage current students in a healthy activity outside of the classroom.

President Liam Walsh's ingenuity in engaging with the Grafton campus and nearby halls of residence has been impressive. For what is generally a difficult sport to market, this club is excelling in selling the benefits of running.

In addition to the first student versus staff relay series held this week, exciting plans are being designed by the club that invite recent Olympic competitors to the University of Auckland stage.

Runner-up: Education and Social Work Students' Association  

Overall Club of the Year

General Club of the Year: University of Auckland Debating Society

With a robust increase in engagement, participation and retention from the club’s 750 current members, the Debating Society is moving from strength to strength. Under President Kayla Grant’s leadership this year, the Debating Society has achieved a record success.

After winning the New Zealand Intervarsity Impromptu Debating Championships in March this year, the club teams went on to win a number of individual awards including Best Speaker of the Tournament, Highly Commended as well as Best Adjudicator at the Easters competition.

As shown, this year’s executive team have displayed a drive to improve at every level.

Runner-up: Management Consulting Club

Sports Club of the Year : University of Auckland Snowsports Club

The University of Auckland Snowsports Club, founded in the 1950s, is one of the oldest, largest and most active clubs on campus.

President Danyal Taylor, along with an expansive executive team, provide a full range of programmes, events and activities for their near 1,000 student members. The club also owns and operates a ski-in / ski-out lodge on the slopes of Mt Ruapehu, providing students the best access to the mountain and the snow.

2016 saw the club celebrate 50 years since being an officially incorporated society and the club partied in “black tie” style with over 80 attendees bringing together alumni that spans the ages.

While the majority of the club’s activities are based up on a mountain somewhere, the club strives to bring the best of snow sports to Auckland. In conjunction with Re-Orientation week in July this year, UASC put on the University’s first “Toboggan Run”, allowing the wider student body the chance to slip and slide across the Barracks lawn.

The club’s activities aren’t just restricted to winter months, they also provide beginner’s trips to Snowplanet and organise hikes near the lodge through the summer months. This club continuously succeeds in providing students an exciting and engaging experience.

Runner-up: Auckland University Ultimate Club.

Cultural Club of the Year: University of Auckland Anime and Manga Club

While this club has a smaller membership than other clubs on this list, they make up for in enthusiasm. Being a very active club on campus, the Anime and Manga club offers weekly events that engage the majority of its membership on a regular basis. Whether it is celebrating Japanese culture, promoting fan fiction or producing their own art forms, members enjoy an inclusive and welcoming environment for this small community.

This year has seen the club develop the range of events provided, including themed activity nights, film screenings, artistic and creative tutorials and seminars, as well as anime-related outings around Auckland. Being a major consumer group in the anime market, the club is often sought out for opinion and review as well as promotion and support for local businesses and distributors.

President Azul Alysum and his team have taken the small club to new heights this year. Well regarded by members of the club and committee, the president’s determination, effort and passion for the club are evident and have been instrumental in the club’s success.

Members note the welcoming and approachable attitude that is shown from the leadership, creating an inclusive atmosphere that is appreciated throughout the membership.

Runner-up: Kiwi Asian Club.

Club President of the Year

Simon Elliot - Education and Social Work Students' Association

Simon developed, assembled and set into motion the inaugural Education and Social Work Student Faculty Association. He also  successfully led a team to develop a shared vision and mission, very quickly expanding to a membership of over 500 students.

Among many other things, the association has provided access to emergency food parcels and welfare, has run a clothing drive to help students who cannot to afford professional clothing, he has organised a blood donation and other social engagement opportunities such as the great Easter egg hunt.

In addition, Simon has been actively involved with inter-faculty sport, both managing and coaching teams. Simon has been innovative in collaborating with other student organisations to offer opportunities to education and social work students which otherwise would have been prohibitively expensive.

Runner-up: Kayla Grant, University of Auckland Debating Society


People's Choice Award : UoA Fair Trade Club