Cost of living in Auckland

Living in Auckland can be expensive, but you have options.

As you prepare to study with us, learn more about our housing support to live in the heart of campus.

Where do you want to live?

While studying at the University, you may choose to live on-campus or flat privately. The University can provide support in finding the right on-campus Accommodation option for you. No matter your degree level or living preferences, there are a wide range of accommodation options available to you at the University. We offer shared flats, studios, and private bedrooms with catered and self-catered options right on campuse. Offers and move in dates for campus Accommodation are set to coincide with the University of Auckland academic semesters.

Living in University Accommodation can help students transition into their studies while living in a vibrant, friendly commmunity. It is also often more cost effective than flatting privately as weekly rent payments include all utility costs, laundry services, and a membership to the University Recreation Centre. Free use of University WiFi is also provided. 

Living costs

Living costs change year-to-year and University Accommodation works to provide you a safe housing environment at a market competitive price. Find out more about about our costs compared to other universities and flatting privately. 

Additional personal costs are listed below and estimated based on average use. They are quoted in NZD. 

Additional costs to consider

Entertainment and Gym ~$70 per week
Medical visit (not enrolled) From $65
Dental visit  From $70
Haircut From $40

For international students, you can convert these prices on to compare costs against those in your own country.

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