Cost of living in Auckland

Living in Auckland can be expensive, but you have options.

Whether you’re planning to live in University Accommodation or in a flat off campus, it is important to be aware of the kinds of costs you can expect to pay when living in Auckland.

Where do you want to live?

There is a range of accommodation options available to you at the University. Offers and move in dates for campus accommodation are set to coincide with the University of Auckland academic semesters.

Find out more about University of Auckland Accommodation

If University accommodation is not for you, or if you are arriving in Auckland outside of our application period, you may choose to rent a house or apartment. The University offers an advisory service for students looking for private accommodation.

For more information on flatting in Auckland, including where to look and how to seek advice on tenancy agreements or disputes see Private Accommodation.

Different types of accommodation come with different costs:

Living costs

The necessities

Below is a list of some of the costs you can expect to pay on a weekly basis, per person, living in rented accommodation in Auckland.

Please note: These costs are approximate, and were set in August 2019. All prices are quoted in NZD.

Accommodation                                                                                                     Based on a single room in a shared 3 bedroom apartment/flat/house.

(For a private studio, rent would start at $370 per week).

$209 - $293 per week
Electricity (and maybe gas)
Based on a one-third share of a 3 bedroom apartment, with an average monthly electricity account of $280 – note this is averaged on higher use in winter, lower in summer.
$23 per week
(Unlimited on an average $90 per month plan)
$8 per week
Mobile phone
Calls, texts and data
$10 per week
Based on insuring household items
$8 per week
Food, drink, cleaning items – shared or bought separately in a 3 bedroom flat. (excluding meat/fruit/vege)
$120 per week
$378 - $462

The non-essentials

One zone return, five days per week
$35 per week ($14.40 student discount)
Dinner out/movies/sports event per week
$55 per week
Student Recreation Centre
Per year
$325 per year

Other costs to consider

Medical visit (not enrolled) From $60
Dental visit From $150
Haircut From $30

For international students, you can convert these prices on to compare costs against those in your own country.

For more information on the cost of living in Auckland, contact the Accommodation Solutions team or check out the living in Auckland guide.

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