Getting around

Getting around our campuses can be daunting at first. Here you’ll find the tips you need to easily find where you want to go.

Finding a building

University buildings are given a number which identifies them. Many buildings also have names, so you might hear people talking about ‘HSB’ (the Human Sciences Building) or building 201.

For example, find the service you want (eg, Tuition Fees), check the building number printed beside it (eg, 103), and then look for building 103 on the map.

Campus maps are the best way to find a building. Find your campus map.

Alternatively, you can pick up a hard copy map from Student Hubs.

Finding your classes

When you search for classes on Student Services Online, you will see the location of each class listed beside the class number. All classes you are enrolled in for the selected semester will appear, giving the appropriate campus with the latest room allocation.

To check the class locations, visit Student Services Online.

The campus map for the City Campus has a list of lecture theatre locations underneath the map. Look at the letters given to the right of the building name – these are the codes for the lecture theatres in that building.

For example: if your class is in CAG 015, check the lecture theatre list under ‘Lecture Theatres’ on the map. (CAG) is the code given next to the building Commerce A. This means your class is in Room 015 of the Commerce A building. Lecture theatres are usually clearly signposted when you manage to find the correct building.

Don't be afraid to ask fellow students or staff members for help if you get lost. Staff at the student information centres can direct you to where you need to go, and give you a campus map.

For more information, please visit Student Hubs.

Travelling between campuses

City and Grafton

The InnerLink Bus route passes through Queen Street and stops directly opposite Grafton Campus (outside Auckland Hospital).

For details visit Auckland Transport's Link bus service information.

For those who prefer to walk, the distance between the campuses is about 1 kilometre.

City and Newmarket

There are several bus routes between the City Campus and Newmarket Campus. If you're travelling from Newmarket, the bus stops are located on Khyber Pass Road.

To find bus timetable and fare information visit Auckland Transport.

For those who prefer to walk, the distance is about 2 kilometres, and takes 30 minutes.

City and Epsom

There are frequent buses travelling between Symonds Street and Mount Eden Road. It is a 5 minute walk along from Mount Eden shops along Epsom Avenue to Epsom Campus.

To find bus timetable and fare information visit Auckland Transport.

Parking at the University

There are a number of parking options available. For further details, see Parking information.

Getting around campus for people with disabilities

Disability Services has special assistance available to help people who are mobility or vision impaired find their way around campus and to make sure students with disabilities can access their classes.

Mobility and wheelchair accessible venues and car parks.

More information on transport around the city

For more information on transport options, see Transport in Auckland.