Faculty rainbow groups


Caroline Blyth
Chip Matthews


Clodagh Higgins

Creative Arts and Industries       

Christopher Rollins
Tera Hanson

Education and Social Work 

Robyn McGill 
Rainbow Group


Catherine Dunphy 
Alcíone Fagundes**

**To join the Rainbow Engineering Facebook Group, contact Alcíone Fagundes.


Claire Charters       

Medical and Health Sciences        

Carley Fletcher


Glenda Haines

*The Women in Engineering Network (WEN) understands that as a network that operates on a gendered basis, inclusion in the network may be an issue for trans students. WEN strives to be inclusive to anyone who identifies as a woman and is studying engineering. However, the mailing list for WEN is generated from the central University server, which may not record the gender identity of students correctly. If you are not currently receiving emails from WEN and would like to, or if you are currently receiving emails and would like to stop receiving them, please contact  Alcíone Fagundes (Women in Engineering Adviser).