Maclaurin Chapel services

Learn more about chapel services including baptisms, weddings, funerals and weekly and annual services.

The Chapel supports the University community by providing services marking special occasions as well as services listed here.

Choir singing in the Chapel


The Chaplain will arrange for baptisms for members of the University community.Please contact the Chaplain either directly or through the Chapel Administrator.


The Chapel is available for weddings and provides an attractive venue. Weddings can be conducted by the University Chaplain, or a minister of your choosing.

There is a standard charge of $350 plus GST for the use of the Chapel for a wedding. The number of hours included in this booking can be negotiated, and includes a rehearsal.

Additional services are offered, and are priced by negotiation:

  • Hall hire
  • Alcohol license (for the reception)
  • Organist

Please make all enquiries to the Chapel Administrator.


The Chapel is available for funeral services. The Chaplain should be consulted in the first instance and will make arrangements for the service to take place. Bereaved families are welcome to invite someone other than the Chaplain to take the service with the consent of the Chaplain.

There is a standard charge of $350 plus GST for the use of the Chapel for a funeral.Bereavement can strike very suddenly. The Chaplain is always available for ministry in this situation. The Chapel Administrator can help during office hours; after hours please contact the Chaplain directly.