Inspera online assessments

On this page you'll find helpful information about the things you need to prepare or do differently for an Inspera online assessment.

The rules for an online exam are the same as a paper-based exam, so make sure that you are also familiar with the general Examination instructions and regulations.

It’s important that you understand what is expected of you in terms of how you acknowledge and reference sources of information, how you work with other students, and how you should behave when you sit online tests and examinations. For more information, see Academic integrity in online assessment.

More information about Inspera

Read the Inspera FAQs

Inspera is a best-in-breed, specialist examinations platform that provides a consistent, user-friendly examination experience for both onshore and offshore students.

The benefits of running assessments online through Inspera include:

  • Improved time management through visibility of a countdown clock, ability to monitor exam progress and the ability to flag questions to easily come back to.
  • Accessible anywhere and works with unstable internet connections (saves automatically).
  • Reduces the risk of exam submission issues negating the need for the post-submission grace period.
  • Provides an authentic computer based examination experience
  • Enables consistency of online examination delivery particularly between onshore and offshore students and for when the University does return to on-campus exams.