Preparing for your online exam

1. Laptops and Computers

You must have access to a suitable desktop or laptop computer for your exam. Mobile devices and tablets are not suitable. Chromebooks can be used, but users may experience some variability with the Inspera interface. 

Using your own laptop or computer

You will need to check the computer, ensuring that:

  • The operating system and software are up to date.
  • Security solutions are employed when available, including anti-virus software and password or PIN-protected access.
  • Laptops and other devices (e.g. keyboard, mouse, camera) are charged.

You will also need access to a reliable internet connection.   

Using a University laptop or computer

If you do not have access to a laptop or desktop computer, or Wi-Fi, or your device does not meet the requirements above, the following options are available:

  • If you have a financial, or other need, you can request a long-term loan laptop by visiting Student long-term loan laptop
  • A limited number of one-day loan laptops, for on-campus use, are available through Libraries and Learning Services. The University also provides non-bookable computers in its libraries and information commons. Find out more information by visiting the Library's Computer facilities page

2. Complete a demo assessment

The demo feature within Inspera can be used at any time by logging into Use your University sign-in details, and selecting the ‘Demo tests’ tab.

This demo test is for students to practise on. Your answers are not saved, and the demo test resets to blank every time you launch it.

In an exam, your answer will be saved every six seconds. Even if you accidentally exit your exam, your answers are not lost; once you reopen your browser, you will be able to return to the exam and see your saved answers.

We highly recommend that you practise before your assessment day, to test that your computer is working with the software and to become familiar with how your exam will look.

3. Exam materials

It’s important to know in advance what external materials and types of equipment you will be permitted to use during your exam. Every course is different, and your exams will vary too.

During open-book exams, you can use notes, books or other online or offline reference materials. However, none of these pre-prepared materials can be submitted as part of your exam. Please refer to information on Academic integrity in online assessments