Tai Tokerau Graduation

A special graduation ceremony is held each year in Whangārei for students from the University of Auckland’s Tai Tokerau campus.

Tai Tokerau ceremony dates

  • The next opportunity for students at the Tai Tokerau Campus to graduate in Whangārei will take place on Tuesday 21 June 2022
  • Applications will open December 2021 and will close on 13 January 2022. All eligible students will be contacted to apply. 
  • Once you’ve been entered for this graduation, we’ll post out further information along with your guest tickets.

Applying to graduate

  • We issue application forms to students through the Tai Tokerau Campus office.
  • If you believe you’re eligible, but haven’t received a form, contact us at graduation.ac.nz
  • If you’re eligible to graduate with more than one qualification (e.g., a degree and diploma) you must complete a separate application for each.

Graduating in person

  • If you want to graduate and attend the Tai Tokerau ceremony, select “in person” on your application form.
  • If you apply to graduate in person, but then find you’re unable to attend, you must notify the Graduation Office as soon as possible, ideally in writing at least 10 working days before the ceremony.

Graduating in absentia

  • If you want to graduate but do not want to attend the ceremony for this qualification or any ceremony in the future, select “in absentia” on your application form.
  • If you choose to graduate in absentia, we’ll send your certificate to the mailing address pre-printed on your application form approximately 3 weeks after the ceremony.
  • We strongly recommend you fill in the space on the form for courier delivery as the certificate is not a standard size.

Your name

  • You will graduate under the name on your academic record (as pre-printed on the application form).
  • If you want to graduate under a different name, contact the Graduation Office before the application closing date.
  • You may only graduate under your full legal name, and you must provide a verified copy of your evidence (as specified on the application form).
  • If your name has special characters you must contact the Graduation Office to ensure this is reflected correctly on your certificate. 

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