Graduation day

Find out about appropriate academic dress, and read suggestions on what to wear with your regalia.

Your graduation ceremony is a formal celebration of your achievement, and we encourage you to dress appropriately.

On the day you must wear the correct academic regalia for your degree and/or diploma.

You are responsible for getting your own academic regalia. We recommend organising this early to make sure it’s available. See Where to hire your regalia.

You may choose to wear clothing or garments of honour from your culture or home country such as a sari, korowai or ta'ovala as well. This is a welcome enrichment to the colour of the graduation ceremonies.

Advice from previous graduands

  • The venue temperature is reasonably warm, especially when wearing regalia.
  • Men may find it helpful to wear a shirt and tie, as placing the neckband of your hood under your tie helps to hold your hood in place (women may need to pin their hood to their gown).
  • Graduation day involves a considerable amount of walking and standing, and a lot of stairs, so high heels may not be practical.
  • Choose a hairstyle that allows you to wear your trencher comfortably.
  • You’ll be videoed and photographed throughout the day, so look your best!