Career development

Whether you wish to remain in academia, move into industry or advance in your current career, it’s helpful to start early in your career development efforts. Whether you’re just exploring opportunities or building towards a specific goal, remember to regularly reflect on your progress, achievements, goals and plans.

This development area is made up of four categories:

  • Career opportunities
  • Career planning
  • Work-related learning and placements
  • Teaching and learning

Career opportunities

Whether taking your first steps or building from an established career, you are encouraged to explore future possibilities and opportunities. Looking into industries, sectors and role types can help give you a better idea of the career you want to pursue if you’re just starting out. Exploring opportunities through industry collaborations and professional networks can appraise you of new directions in established careers.

Examples and resources

Courses, workshops and events: NZ Workplace Insights (WIP)

Actions and experiences: Read about career options; Explore opportunities within personal and industry networks; Undertake job shadowing; Write down a career wishlist; Discuss options with supervisors, mentors and peers; Speak to a CDES career adviser; Take up an internship; Do some volunteering; Attend a career expo or recruitment workshop; Attend industry-focused conferences or expos.

Links to other resources:

  • Imagine PhD  

Career planning

Once you know the direction you’d like to move in, it’s time to set some goals and make a plan for how you can achieve them. The planning phase includes reflecting on your growth, recording your achievements, identifying your transferable skills, setting goals and making the most of your networks.

Examples and resources

Courses, workshops and events: Coming soon

Actions and experiences: Add your career goals to your doctoral development planner; Speak to a CDES careers adviser; Seek advice from your supervisors, mentors and peers;

Links to other resources:

  • Career planning for PhDs ebook (PDF)
  • Career planning: Postgraduate students
  • Transferrable PhD skills
  • Video interview skills (LinkedIn course)  

Work-related learning and placements

Building hands-on experience and connections across industry, government and academic settings can help position you for the career pathway or advancement of your choice - and it's another opportunity to build valuable connections.

Examples and resources

Courses, workshops and events: Workplace Insights Programme

Actions and experiences: Undertake an internship; Undertake job shadowing; Take on a student or community club leadership role; Volunteer in your chosen sector

Links to other resources coming soon

Teaching and learning

If you are new to an academic career, it’s important to undertake job-specific preparation; and to start early to distinguish yourself from your peers. If you’re already established within the sector, now is the time to find new ways to expand and develop your practice.

Examples and resources

Courses, workshops and events: Academic Career Advancement Programme (ACAP).

Actions and experiences: Apply for tutoring roles; Mentor colleagues or students; Develop your public profile Join or take up an active role in a professional organisation.

Links to other resources:

Finding courses, workshops and events

There are a number of places outside of Wahapū that you can browse to find development activities, for example:

  • Career Development and Employability Services (CDES)
  • Doctoral opportunities
  • Doctoral workshops