Doctoral workshops

Workshops supporting doctoral candidate development, provided by the School of Graduate Studies.

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23 Nov | Interview skill-building session for doctoral candidates
Doctoral candidates! Worried about how to be successful in video, phone or face-to-face interviews? The application process can be daunting – but you’re not alone. Identify and build the skills you need.
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25 November | Dr Hugh Kearns: Communicating the impact of your research

Community favourite Dr Hugh Kearns returns for this value-packed workshop in November. Hugh will introduce you to proven methods that can help improve the way you communicate your research. From drawing up a communications strategy to dealing with media, you'll learn all the tricks of the trade - and then some!

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Regular presenters

Dr Desiree Dickerson

Desiree is a former neuroscience postdoctoral researcher and clinical psychologist who has turned her attention to supporting positive change to habits, behaviours and thought patterns in those striving to perform well under pressure. You can find out more about Desiree’s work at Desiree Dickerson PhD.

Desiree's past sessions have included:

  • Strategies for managing our wellbeing during COVID times
  • Isolation and belonging
  • Perfection and imposter syndrome
  • Motivation and procrastination
  • Productivity amongst chaos

Dr Hugh Kearns

Internationally-renowned speaker, author and researcher Hugh Kearns develops and delivers workshops specifically for doctoral candidates. His goal is to help doctoral candidate get to grips with tools, techniques and strategies for working more effectively towards their doctorate - and with less stress. You can find out more about Hugh's work at ThinkWell.

Desiree's past sessions have included:

  • How to plan your PhD
  • Networking and conferences: How to do them well
  • Presenting your research with confidence
  • Seven secrets of highly successful research students

Hugh Kearns is a fantastic presenter, very engaging and
interesting. It was great that his tips were also backed up by research and talking to PhD students.

Attendee, The seven secrets of highly successful research students

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