Doctoral workshops

Workshops supporting doctoral candidate development, provided by the School of Graduate Studies.

Note: These workshops are for enrolled candidates only. Please register using your University of Auckland email address.

Candidature essentials

Multiple dates | Working effectively with your supervisor
Learn about supervision expectations, how to communicate them and take home practical strategies for maintaining effective supervisory relationships.

Multiple dates | Preparing for your confirmation review
Find out how to prepare for your confirmation review (or provisional year review). Aimed at those within 3-9 months of starting their doctorate. Suitable for those on the current and the 2016 PhD Statutes.

Multiple dates | Preparing for your examination
Planning to submit your thesis within the next 6 months? Learn more about what you need to prepare for thesis submission and your final oral examination.

Personal and professional skills

Workshops with Dr Hugh Kearns

24 March | The seven secrets of highly successful research students 
In this workshop, Hugh Kearns describes the key habits that research (and his team's experience with thousands of students) shows will make a difference to how quickly and easily you complete your doctoral studies. These habits can greatly reduce the stress, and even increase the pleasure, involved in completing a doctoral degree.

Wellbeing in Academia workshops with Dr Desiree Dickerson

7 April | Wellbeing in Academia: Isolation and Belonging
Doctoral life can be an isolating experience for many people. Explore the impact of isolation and belonging, the importance of leisure time, and ways to increase your sense of belonging within the doctoral community.

12 May | Wellbeing in Academia: Perfectionism and Imposter Syndrome
We argue that our perfectionism drives us to great heights, to excel, and to maintain our edge. We rarely stop to see the costs it carries. Imposter syndrome distorts the way we see ourselves, our performance, and our capabilities. Both reflect our doubts and fears – fear of being judged, fear of failing, fear of not being good enough, fear of not belonging. They’re the product of distorted thinking patterns. Thinking patterns that we can change.

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