Pecha Kucha 6x20 category

All the details for the Pecha Kucha category of the SGS Research Showcase.

How to enter

Create a Pecha Kucha presentation summing up your research – just six main slides, twenty seconds per slide, with a voiceover narrating the presentation.

Your video will be played at the Research Showcase event if shortlisted.

All research masters students and doctoral candidates who meet the eligibility criteria are welcome to enter. 

Applications closed on 2 October.



$300 voucher


$100 voucher

People’s Choice Award

$100 voucher


Judging criteria

The Pecha Kucha entry will be assessed with the following criteria:

Comprehension and content

  • The background/context and significance of the research is explained.
  • The methods: data collection and results/findings are explained.
  • The outcomes/conclusion and impact of the research is explained.

Engagement and communication

  • The presenter spoke clearly and used language appropriate for a non-specialist audience.
  • The slideshow was engaging and conveyed effective use of visual elements.
  • The presenter conveyed enthusiasm and told a memorable story about their research.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Entry is open to eligible doctoral candidates and research masters (90 points or over) students 
  2. Power point presentations must consist of six 20-second slides (two minutes in total).
  3. One entry per person per category only is allowed.
  4. To enter, an entry form should be submitted with the power point presentation by the given deadline.
  5. Judges’ decision is final.
  6. All entrants must ensure that they are the original creator of the presentation.
  7. Presentations may be displayed online on Figshare and on the University website. A selection of shortlisted presentations will be displayed on campus at the showcase event.
  8. If there are less than five entries in the Pecha Kucha category, the People's Choice voting will not be opened.