Doctoral complaints and disputes

Information about complaints and disputes for anyone on a doctoral programme, from the PhD to our named doctorates.

Resolution of Student Academic Complaints and Disputes Statute
Procedures for resolving academic disputes and complaints.

Formal School of Graduate Studies complaints procedures

If you are a doctoral candidate and wish to make a formal complaint to the University, there are a number of avenues to follow, depending on the nature of the complaint. 

For academic disputes or complaints, see our Resolution of Student Academic Complaints and Disputes Statute.

For more information about non-academic dispute resolution for candidates, see Dispute resolution.

For complaints about service or processes at the School of Graduate Studies, we recommend you first contact the staff member involved to reach a resolution. If you are not satisfied with the resolution or wish to raise this further, please email:

Dr Helen Ross
School of Graduate Studies

Put ‘For the Director, School of Graduate Studies’ in the subject line.

The Director will evaluate the complaint and either respond directly after appropriate consultation, or direct it to the staff member concerned for response.

If you aren’t satisfied with the response from the Director, you can apply in writing to the Dean of Graduate Studies for a review.