Doctoral workshops

Workshops supporting doctoral candidate development.

Note: These workshops are for enrolled candidates only. Please register using your University of Auckland email address.

Candidature essentials

Multiple dates | Working effectively with your supervisor
Learn about supervision expectations, how to communicate them and take home practical strategies for maintaining effective supervisory relationships.

Multiple dates | Preparing for your confirmation review
Find out how to prepare for your confirmation review (or provisional year review). Aimed at those within 3-9 months of starting their doctorate. Suitable for those on the current and the 2016 PhD Statutes.

Multiple dates | Preparing for your examination
Planning to submit your thesis within the next 6 months? Learn more about what you need to prepare for thesis submission and your final oral examination.

Personal and professional skills

Wellbeing in Academia workshops with Dr Desiree Dickerson

4 July | Motivation & Procrastination

Procrastination is a way of easing our own discomfort. Discomfort because the task is too hard, too boring, too big, too scary. The difficulty with procrastinating is that it makes you feel better for a moment, which makes it very reinforcing (and therefore more likely that you will do it again next time), but it does nothing to fix the reason the task feels uncomfortable to begin with. It is still too big, too hard, too scary, or too boring the next time you sit down to do it. So, the cycle repeats.

Workshops with Dr Hugh Kearns

25 July | Good Feedback: Asking for it; getting it; and responding to it

Feedback is essential to help you make progress and improve the quality of your outputs. But if you just say “give me feedback” you are leaving it completely up to chance. So what can you do to ensure you get the feedback you need? This workshop will look at asking more specific questions and being clear about the type of feedback you want.

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