Writing and publishing

Explore writing and publishing resources, learn about open access publishing, find out how to raise your research profile and more.

Resources and guidelines

Writing and managing your thesis
Find out how to manage your time, get your thesis written, struture and organise your thesis, look at existing theses from a variety of disciplines, and learn about thesis with publication.

Thesis writing
Explore what makes a good thesis, how to overcome writer’s block, how to draft and edit your thesis, and more.

Open Access
Open access is making published research legally and freely available on the internet. Learn how and why to make your research available. Explore the support and funding options available to you at the University.

Discovery Profiles
Raise your profile as a researcher and subject matter expert by keeping your information up-to-date in Discovery Profiles.

Researcher profiles and IDs
Creating and maintaining professional online profiles can enhance your visibility, credibility, and networking opportunities. Find out how to showcase your research achievements, connect with peers, and discover potential collaborators and funding opportunities.

Third Party Editing and Proofreading of Theses and Dissertations Guidelines
Find out what is acceptable when you have your theses or dissertations scrutinised by third parties, including professional editors.


Word Thesis Formatting
Explore the tools needed to format a thesis or dissertation, including thesis templates, use of styles, updating tables and graphics, and more.

Literature review: Organising and writing
Discover strategies for writing your literature review and synthesising the literature into your thesis.

Preparing for your examination
Planning to submit your thesis within the next 6 months? Learn more about what you need to prepare for thesis submission and your final oral examination.

Publishing your research
Learn about how to select a journal and the journal publishing/peer review process.

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