Postgraduate extensions and suspensions

Select this option if you're asking for additional time to complete your postgraduate research component or need more time to complete your entire programme.

Kimihia | Find out

Select this option if you're asking to take time off and would like to temporarily suspend your entire programme.

Tirohia ināianei | Look now

Find out about the support evidence required to apply for an extension or suspension for postgraduate programme.

Homai he kōrero anō | Tell me more

Learn more about the fees associated with extending your postgraduate programme.

Pānui tonu | Read more

A safe, confidential and free service that supports the health, wellbeing and safety of everyone at University.

Whakapā mai | Get in touch

Check out late deletions if you want to unenrol because of exceptional circumstances.

Pānui tonu | Read more

Learn more about withdrawing from a course.

Pānui tonu | Read more