Google Changes - latest news

The latest news on changes related to Google GSuite at the University

October 2023

The deadline is here

As we've communicated for many months, everyone needs to be at 1GB for 1st October, which has passed. We have given people until 1st November 2023 before we start restricting drives that are above 1GB. If you are larger than 1GB you will have received an email regarding this - do not ignore it, it's not going away.

Left the University?

If you leave the University then you must move your Google Drive contents (including Google Sires), Photos (and deleted the photos afterwards from your University account) before you leave. If you don't remove all your videos and photos in Google Photos then the University will need to delete your account (email, drive and photos) to recover the storage you're using - there is no other way.

Where do I fit?

  1. Make sure you are logged into your University Google account (if you are logged into your personal account it will show "out of 15GB" when you do the steps below)
  2. Go to
  3. Add up the amount in Google Drive and Google Photos (ignore Gmail)
    • 1000 MB is 1GB