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The latest news on changes related to Google GSuite at the University

June 2022

The tidy-up is progressing nicely

Due to the great work everyone has been doing, we're on-track to hit the target the University needs. If you've got more than 200GB in your Google Drive and Photos you have probably already seen emails from us requesting that you reduce your storage. While the end goal is important, we must work with the people with the largest storage now as their tidy-up and migration is a larger task.

An easy way to reduce the space you're using in Photos

Google's Space Saver mode for Photos dramatically reduces the space you're using - sometimes by as much as 90%. Check out this page for more information, including links to an independent website where they have done quality comparisions of photos before and after using this mode.

Where do I fit?

  1. Make sure you are logged into your University Google account (if you are logged into your personal account it will show "out of 15GB" when you do the steps below)
  2. Go to
  3. Add up the amount in Google Drive and Google Photos (ignore Gmail)
    • 1000 MB is 1GB
  4. Use the size to see what fishy friend fits your storage and what you should start doing now

How are we shrinking?