Introducing Teams

Discover what Microsoft Teams can do for you and where to go to find out more.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Teams is a chat centered workspace that is integrated with Office 365. It gives groups of people or teams instant access to everything they need in a dedicated hub for teamwork where chat, content, people and tools come together. It provides an end-to-end collaboration space for groups of people.

How do I get up and running quickly?

How do I find out how to create a Team?

Who has access to Teams at the University?

Teams is available to all permanent and fixed term University staff members automatically. We are also working to introduce it to the Business School and Engineering during Semester 2, 2021. There is no cost to using Microsoft Teams or creating teams.


When you leave the University you will automatically lose access to anything in Microsoft 365, including Teams. Any information you store in Teams will remain for other team members.

Where is the information in Teams stored?

The information in Teams is stored in Microsoft's secure data-centers. Currently the University information is stored in Australia, but this may change in future without notice.