How to check your application status

Find out the status of your application by signing into your Application for Admission.

Here's how to check your application status

Sign in to the Application for Admission. A summary page will appear that shows the status of your application(s).

After you have provided the required information, your application will be considered by the University.

  • Please be aware that during peak admission periods (October to February, June – July), documents may take up to three weeks to process and assess. If you’ve sent in all your admission documents at one time, certain admission documents will take longer to process and be updated in the system than others.
  • The timing of an offer of place to a programme may vary according to the evaluation of programme-specific requirements such as a portfolio, audition and/or interview. As soon as a decision is made, it will be reflected on your Application for Admission.
  • You’ll receive an email to let you know whether you have been offered a place in the programme or if your application has been declined.

Sign in and check your application status now