How to browse the course catalogue

How to find courses, view course information, and start enrolling in a course.


  • The catalogue gives you information about the courses offered by the University of Auckland.
  • The courses are listed under their subject area.
  • If a course is available in the terms (semesters) that are currently open for enrolment, you can also see details of classes that make up the course.
  • If you have received and accepted an offer of place in a programme, and you have signed in, you can begin enrolling in courses from the catalogue.

View course information


  1. Sign into Student Services Online
  2. Click on ‘Course Catalogue’
  3. Scroll up or down or use the alphabet directory to choose the programme you are interested in
  4. Click on the course to hide or display the course details

The course details page will appear showing:

  • How many points it could contribute to your programme
    • the course components (such as lecture, tutorial, lab, or workshop)
    • enrolment information (prerequisites, corequisites, or restrictions)
    • a brief description of what the course includes.

If the classes from this course have been given times when they’ll be taught, the ‘View Course Schedule’ button will show underneath the course information.

  • Click the View Course Schedule button. If the class is offered in more than one semester, select a term, then click the ‘show course schedule’ button to:
    • find out when classes for this course will take place
    • click on the class you are interested in and the ‘Class Details' page will open
    • view information about each class by clicking on one of the tabs (Class Details, Meeting Information, Enrolment Information)  

Enrolment information explained


A course which is restricted against another course because the learning objectives, content, and/or assessment are so similar to the other course that you cannot gain credit for both courses towards a certificate, diploma, or degree.


A course that you must pass before you can start to study in this course.


A course that should be taken in the same semester as another unless it has previously been satisfactorily completed.

Department consent required

Before you can enrol in this course you must obtain permission to do so from the department. Visit your faculty student centre if you need help or advice. See Faculty student centres.