How to enrol in a course

How to enrol in courses online.

Once you have accepted an offer of admission into a programme, you can enrol using Student Services Online.

Choose classes for the course you want to enrol in, add them to your enrolment cart and see how they’ll fit into your timetable.

When you’re ready, you can finish enrolling in one or more courses that are in your cart.

Make sure you enrol before the Enrolment closing dates.

Step by step guide : How to enrol in your courses

Step one: Find the class you want 

  1. Sign into Student Services Online 
  2. Click the Enrol icon
  3. The 'Current Enrolment Status' page will appear 

Selecting your courses using My Programme Requirements 

  1. Click 'Add Classes with' and select 'My Programme Requirements' 
  2. Select the semester you want 
  3. Select a suggested course not currently taken by clicking on the course 
  4. A Course Details window will open. Choose the class you wish to enrol in at the bottom of the window by clicking on 'Select Class'
  5. Click on the green 'Add to Cart' button to select the course 

Selecting your courses using Search by Class Number 

  1. Click on 'Add Classes with' and select 'Search by Class Number'
  2. If you already know the 5 digit class number, add this into the text field and click the 'Search by Class Number' button 
  3. If the information is correct, click on the green 'Add to Cart' button. Before selecting a class, click on its name to see more information, such as: 
    1. prerequisites you need and any restrictions that could prevent you enrolling in that class 
    2. course components (lecture, lab, tutorial, workshop) 
    3. campus where it's taught 
    4. how many points it contributes to your programme (degree, diploma, certificate) 
    5. whether faculty permission is required before you can enrol in it 

Selecting your courses using Class Search 

  1. Click on 'Add Classes with' and select 'Class Search' 
  2. Select the semester you want 
  3. Click on the 'select subject' button and select a subject 
  4. Fill in the remaining fields and if appropriate click on the 'Additional Search Criteria' to further refine your search
  5. Click on the green 'Search' button
  6. Click on 'select' for your chosen course 
  7. Click on 'select' for your chosen class, then click the green 'Add to Cart' button

Step two: Enrolling in your course

  1. Having selected your courses, click on the 'Enrolment Cart'
  2. You'll be shown a list of its related classes (such as tutorials, labs or workshops) if there are any 
  3. Select the class or classes you want 
  4. Click on the 'Calendar View' to view your proposed timetable
  5. If there are any timetable clashes these will be highlighted in a red box (see example below)
  6. Clicking on any of your proposed classes will bring up a new window which will display the class details. To go back to your proposed timetable make sure you press the back arrow within SSO and not the browser navigation arrows
    If the clash is due to a class you are already enrolled for and you prefer to take the new class, you can swap a course for one at a better time, or change your tutorial component. See Changing your enrolment
  7. If there are clashes or changes you wish to make to your timetable, click on 'Return to Enrolment Cart' at the top of the page
    Reselect your proposed classes and repeat from step 4
    For further help with enrolment, contact your Faculty Student Centre

Step three: Validate to check for possible enrolment problems

  1. When you are happy with your timetable and class selection, click on the 'Validate Choice(s)' button to check if you can proceed. If you are unable to enrol in a course due to needing prerequisites, have any holds in place or any other reason, this will show up 
  2. Click on 'Return to Enrolment Cart' at the top of the page and re-select your classes

Step four: Finish enrolling by processing your enrolment cart

  1. If everything is OK, select classes from your enrolment cart
  2. Click the enrol button
  3. Confirm your enrolment and accept the terms and conditions. The first time you enrol in each term (semester), you'll also be asked to select how you intend to pay your fees
  4. Click the 'Finish enrolling' button  
  5. View the result
If the result shows something that's preventing you from enrolling in a class, look for a Concession button below the results. If it's there, it means you can apply for a concession online where it will be assessed and considered by your faculty. See Applying for an enrolment concession

Enrolling with Timetable Planner

Timetable Planner can help you with your enrolment if you’re having trouble getting your classes to fit your timetable or need to include breaks for work or study.

You also use it to enrol if your programme uses cohort enrolment, such as:

  • Biomedical Science Year 1
  • Civil Engineering (Year 2 and 3)
  • Graduate Diploma in Teaching - Primary

For a guide of how to use it, see Enrolling with Timetable Planner.