Course advice and structuring your programme

Get advice to help you with structuring your programme and choosing courses.

Student advisor

Whether you are a potential undergraduate student looking to study at the University of Auckland,  a returning or postgraduate student, or a current student who needs help, don’t miss the opportunity to get advice to help structure your programme.

Our team will:

  • Discuss your career aspirations and help plan your course of study
  • Assist you in planning your degree and courses that are right for you
  • Help you enrol in your course
  • Answer any questions you may have 

Faculty Enrolment Advice Days

If you need help, come along to our Faculty Enrolment Advice Days for one-on-one advice around structuring your programme. During these days, there will be faculty specialists who will be available at select locations, but access to the advice days is available across all Student Hubs.

Faculty specialists will be available from 10 am to 4 pm at the selected locations. 

For more information about locations, please visit Student Hubs.

Advice day
Faculty specialist location(s)
7 July 2022 Engineering City Campus Student Hub 
8 July 2022 Business City and Te Papa Ako o Tai Tonga Campus Student Hubs
9 July 2022 Conjoint students Focus at City Campus Student Hub 
11 July 2022 Education and Social Work Epsom Campus Student Hub 
11 July 2022 Medical and Health Sciences Grafton Campus Student Hub 
12 July 2022 Arts City Campus Student Hub 
13 July 2022 Science City Campus Student Hub 
14 July 2022 Conjoint students Focus at City Campus Student Hub 
15 July 2022 Law City Campus Student Hub 
15 July 2022 Creative Arts and Industries City Campus Student Hub