Change a tutorial, lab or workshop

Find out how to change tutorial, lab or workshop online.

  • If a course that you are enrolled in offers a choice of related classes (such as tutorials, labs or workshops), the ‘Edit a course’ function lets you change your related class to one at a different time.
  • You can only change related classes on or before the additions and deletions deadline date for that course. See Changing your enrolment.


  1. Sign into Student Services Online
  2. Click on the 'Manage Classes' icon
  3. Click 'Edit Courses'
  4. Select the semester of the class you want to edit
  5. Select the course you want to edit from a drop-down list of courses you're enrolled in for the term you selected
  6. Select a new tutorial, lab or workshop from a list for that course 
  7. Confirm your selection and decide whether you want to waitlist if the class is full 
  8. View the results 


  • After the additions and deletions deadline date has passed you will not be able to finish changing a tutorial, lab or workshop online. If you want to apply for a late change to your enrolment, visit your Faculty student centre.
  • To change the related class (tutorial, lab, or workshop) for a course that’s still in your enrolment cart (because you haven’t finished enrolling in it yet), follow these steps.
  1. Click on 'Enrol' and then click 'Enrolment Cart'
  2. Make sure you’re viewing information for the right semester. To view another semester click Change Term
  3. Click the link for the course. A list of related classes will appear
  4. Click 'Meeting Information' to view all classes to see all the classes that are available
  5. Close the 'Class Information' window
  6. Click 'Change Preference' beside the related class that you now want in your enrolment cart
  7. Click on 'Alternative Options' and select one of the options available to you
  8. Click 'Save' and then confirm if you want to save the changes