Learn the lingo

Getting used to the terms we use at Uni can feel like learning a whole new language. What’s the difference between a lecture, tutorial and lab? What do you use CANVAS and MyAucklandUni for? Read on to master the lingo at the University of Auckland.

We asked our current students what lingo they had to get used to when they started here at the University of Auckland:

Budgie Meal A meal for $6.50 or less, offered by most food outlets on campus.
Butter chicken fries  A delicacy from Jewel of India in the Quad, City Campus. Don't knock it 'til you've tried it!
Fridge and freezer Lecture rooms in OGGB.
Gen ed General education paper (aka one where you can study almost anything you like).
IC0 Level 0 of Kate Edger Information Commons, which can become a bit crazy during the final weeks of semester.
OGGB Owen G. Glenn Building, where the Business School is located.
Overheard The Overheard @ University of Auckland Facebook group.
Shads Shadows Bar, your student bar located upstairs in the Quad on City Campus.
IC Information commons (not intensive care).
Plussage system that lets you get the best possible mark for a course (not offered by all courses).
Room numbers The first digit of the room number is what floor it's on.

And here are some more general terms you may have heard around:

CANVAS Access readings and other information about your courses and communicate with your lecturers, tutors and classmates.
Conjoint A single qualification made up of components from two separate degrees.
Class A component of a course, for example, a lecture stream.
Course Formerly known as a paper, a course is an individual class which is taught and assessed throughout the semester.
GPA Grade Point Average – how we measure a student’s performance numerically, between 0 (no passes) and 9 (A+ average).
Lab A practical teaching session.
Major A required component of a degree, including a certain number of points in a subject at the most advanced level.
Minor A component of a degree including a certain number of points above Stage I in a subject.
MyAucklandUni Also sometimes called the student portal. A one-stop shop that makes it easy to see your calendar and timetables, email, notifications, course updates, library information, financial information and more.
Paper Now known as a course.
Plan Your major or specialisation.
Points A value assigned to a course or other work to indicate its weighting within the University’s certificates, diplomas and degrees.
Prerequisite A required course that you must complete prior to enrolling in the one you want to take.
Programme A prescribed set of one or more courses or other work, which on satisfactory completion leads to the award of a University of Auckland certificate, diploma or degree.
Specialisation A coherent group of related courses from different subjects.
Stage The academic level of study in a subject (stage I, stage II etc).
Student Services Online (SSO) Enrol in a course, change your programme, view your exam timetable, see your grades, course history, unofficial transcript and much more.
Tutorial A small-group learning session.

Find out more University lingo on the Glossary page.