Evaluation and reporting

What we need to do and why this is important

Identify a tool to evaluate the effectiveness of the Action Plan

Including measuring shift in attitudes and awareness of processes and supports. 

We need an indicator that the things we are doing are having an impact. We expect disclosures will increase once we make it easier and safer to disclose. However, we need to evaluate the effectiveness of behavioural and attitude change interventions, such as campaigns and education and training. 

Status: no update

Develop an evaluation tool

To assess the experience of those who are involved in a formal complaint of HSB.

Obtaining feedback from all parties to a complaint, including those undertaking the investigation, provides an opportunity to assess our complaint management processes to ensure they operate optimally for all parties involved.

Status: no update

Implement a central reporting system

Which allows for anonymous reporting, with information and trends
across University and report to the Governance group/s on de-identified data.

Understanding the trends will enable the plan to continue to grow and develop in key areas. Given that HSB is wider than physical assaults, we need to ensure we are understanding trends and then we can better respond to and focus resources to meet changing demands.

Status: in progress

Please email all feedback and suggestions to wellbeing@auckland.ac.nz