Prayer rooms and Wāhi Āio

Muslim prayer spaces

Papa Ako Matua | City Campus 

These spaces host separate areas for female and male worshippers and are available to University staff members and students.

Te Aumarino | Muslim Prayer Space 
Student Commons (311), Level 4
34 Princes Street
City Campus

Entrance for females is 311-410, accessed via the walkway from Kate Edger IC
Entrance for males is 311-408, accessed via the stairs from the Quad

Accessible entrance is via the entrance for females. Use the wayfinding map to map your journey.

Te Aumarino | Muslim Prayer Space
Room B072C
Chemistry Building (301), Basement
23 Symonds Street
City Campus

Access is via Science Buildings 305 and 303. Accessible entrance is via Building 303. Use the wayfinding map to map your journey.

Grafton Campus

Wāhi Āio | Quiet space (528)
8 Park Avenue
Grafton Campus

Entrance for females is from the front. Entrance for males is from the back. Use the wayfinding map to map your journey.
To view a map of the Grafton Campus, see Maps

Please ensure that you are enrolled in your courses before you request for access. 

Wāhi Āio | Quiet spaces

There are a number of Wāhi Āio that provide a quiet space for prayer, reflection and meditation for students and staff.

Newmarket Campus

Room 268
Building 903, Level 2
262 Khyber Pass Road
Newmarket Campus
To view a map of the Newmarket Campus, see Maps.

Law School

Rooms 323 and 325
Building 810, Level 3
1-11 Short Street
City Campus
To view a map of the Law School. see Maps.

Ratonga Pā Whakawairua | Maclaurin Chaplaincy

The Maclaurin Chaplaincy serves University students and staff in exploring matters of faith. The team comprises of Pouhono Wairua, Chaplains from Christian (Protestant and Roman Catholic) and Muslim faith backgrounds, and partners with members of other faiths.