My Timetable FAQs

What is My Timetable? 

My Timetable has replaced UoACal, and allows you to quickly fetch your semester schedules in a universal calendar format that is compatible with most calendars including Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Windows, and Apple devices.

How can I access My Timetable?

My Timetable is available from a link on Student Services Online (SSO). When you click the link, it will use your University log in details to retrieve your timetable. Use the 'Subscribe' button to select your preferred calendar format.

You can also access directly via My Timetable

What should I do if I cannot view my timetable details in My Timetable?

If you cannot view your timetable details in My Timetable, please visit the Student IT Hub

Alternatively, you can contact the Student IT Hub via the Ask us form

In the meantime, you can access your timetable through either 

Will My Timetable update automatically if the University makes timetable changes?

Yes, My Timetable will update any timetable changes automatically. The frequency of updates will depend on the settings of your device. By default this usually happens daily, but to ensure your schedule is always up to date please check that your device's calendar settings are set to sync regularly.

Can I print my timetable?

Yes. If you wish to print your timetable, you can export it to Excel using the Excel button above your timetable. You can then print the Excel file.

If I no longer want My Timetable on my device, how do I unsubscribe or remove it from my device's calendar?

This is device and calendar dependant. To remove My Timetable from your device or calendar, please check your device's calendar guidelines and settings.