How many courses to enrol in

As a new student, you need to be aware of the structure and requirements of your programme of study.

In your first year of study, your recommended full-time workload is 120 points. In most programmes, this will be eight 15-point courses.

If you are taking a conjoint degree, you will need to take 135 points each year to complete your programme in the minimum timeframe.

We advise you not to take on a heavier workload unless you achieved 16 credits in each of three Level 3 subjects in NCEA. If you’re already studying at university, you need a GPA of 5.5 (B to B+ average) from your most recent year of study.

How many courses you can take in one semester

  • You can enrol in a maximum of 80 points for each of Semesters One and Two.
  • You can enrol in a maximum of 30 points in Summer School.
  • Many courses are weighted at 15 points, so it may not be possible to reach the maximum allowance each semester.

Points you need to be considered full-time

To be considered a full-time student, you must enrol in a minimum of either:

  • 100 points over two semesters
  • 50 points in any one semester
  • 25 points at Summer School.

Fewer points than this will classify you as a part-time student. Being a part-time student will have implications on your eligibility for a student loan or allowance.

For more information on what is considered full-time, see Eligibility for student loans and allowances.

Enrolment under Academic Restriction

If you are under Academic Restriction, you are limited to:

  • 45 points in the first semester of enrolment (other than Summer School).
  • 25 points in Summer School.

For more information, see the Enrolment and Programme Regulations in the University Calendar - Section 44.