When to enrol

You can enrol in courses after you gain admission to a programme of study and accept your offer of place online.

Enrol early to get into the courses and class times you want. You can change your mind after you have enrolled as long as you swap or drop your course before the enrolment closing date.

Once you enrol in courses, you will be charged fees for them. If you don’t want to study a course anymore, make sure you drop the course before the enrolment closing date or you will be liable for the fees.

Enrolment opening date

You can start to enrol in courses for 2023 on Tuesday 1 November at 7am on Student Services Online. 

Deadlines for changing your enrolment

You can enrol in a course, and go along to the first lecture, then decide that you would like to swap or drop the course. However, you must do this before the deadlines for changing your enrolment.

For information on the closing dates for adding, swapping or dropping your courses, see Changing your enrolment.

Late enrolment

A late enrolment is when you add a course after the deadline for changing your enrolment.

Think carefully before seeking approval to enrol late. If you enrol late in a course, this means you are also enrolling after the deletion deadline. So if you decide not to continue in that course, you may not be able to delete the course from your record or receive a refund of fees.

See How to apply for a late enrolment or withdrawal.


A withdrawal is when you drop a course after the deadline for changing your enrolment.If you are considering withdrawing from a course, think this decision through carefully and seek help and advice before proceeding.

If you withdraw from a course, please be aware that:

  • You will not receive a refund of fees for the course(s) you withdraw from.
  • The course will remain on your academic record as a Withdrawal (W), which is counted as a 0 (zero) when your GPA is calculated.
  • The course you withdraw from is counted as a failed course for purposes such as student allowance applications and satisfactory progress regulations.
  • If withdrawing from a double-semester (A & B) course, you must withdraw from both A & B components of the course.

See How to apply for a late enrolment or withdrawal.