Sharing certified digital documents with the University of Auckland

You can share your documents digitally in most cases, this includes if your documents are certified digitally online. 

We accept certified digital documents from

*Formerly China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center (CHESSIC).

You should check with your previous institution(s) to see if they use My eQuals or CSSD. If they do, please follow that institution's instructions about how to request your official digital documents.

Once your digital transcript and/or graduation document is made available on My eQuals or CSSD, you can share it with the University of Auckland as part of your application. 

Please note, the University of Auckland partners with My eQuals to support sharing academic information between institutions. 

If you have studied with the University of Auckland, you do not need to provide certified digital documents as the University has access to your records.

Instructions to share your certified digital document

  1. Log in to your application portal. You can access this by visiting your Application portal.
  2. After you have entered your academic history, you will be asked to upload or release a document to the University of Auckland.
  3. Follow the instructions on screen to release your transcript and/or certificate through My eQuals or CSSD.
  4. Ensure you release your transcript to the University of auckland as indicated in the on screen instructions.
  5. Confirm you have released your transcript, and select Save.

Things to note when sharing a certified digital document from My eQuals

From the 'Document Sharing' window, select 'Send my documents to registered organisation.'

Add your University of Auckland student ID number in the 'Reference (optional)' section. This number is also your reference number. 

This will help the Admissions Office identify who the document belongs to during its assessment. 

Sharing documents after an application has been submitted

You can also share your official academic transcripts and/or completion evidence with the University after you have applied for your chosen programme. 

This is completed separately from the University of Auckland application process. 

You will need to

  1. Log into your My eQuals or CSSD account
  2. Share the document to Applications and Admissions, University of Auckland

Please ensure that your University of Auckland student ID number as the reference.

Updated/new documents

If you have already shared documents from My eQuals or CSSD, you can still share updated/new documents when these become available. 

Follow the process on this page to share these documents with the University. 

Please allow 5 working days for your checklist items on your application portal to be updated and reflect that you have shared your documents with the Admissions Office. 

Please note, that you cannot disable previously shared documents.