Tertiary-level transcripts and certificates

Explanation of document

Academic transcripts

An official academic transcript is a document produced by your tertiary-level institution. A tertiary-level institution can be a

  • University
  • Polytechnic
  • Equivalent tertiary-level institution

Please note, your studies need to have been done at a recognised tertiary institution. This may differ from country to country. 

Your transcript details a complete list of all your studies done with that institution. You may have more than one transcript if you attended different tertiary institutions.

Your transcript may also detail your

  • Personal information, such as
    • Your name
    • Your identification number at the institution
    • Your date of birth
  • Completed qualification(s), including date completed/conferred
  • Qualification(s) that are still in progress
  • Course(s) of study attempted or completed each year
  • Course weighting and grades attained
  • Key to the grading scale at your tertiary institution
  • The official seal of your tertiary institution    


An official completion certificate of your prior tertiary qualification(s) could be a degree certificate or an official document that states that your prior tertiary study has been completed.

You may be asked to provide evidence of completion, if it's applicable.

Why this document may be required

If you have studied at a tertiary-level before, you will need to submit a full record of your prior tertiary studies. This is so we can

  • Make an accurate assessment of your prior studies
  • Check, for your chosen programme(s), that you are:
    • Prepared
    • Qualified
    • Suitable

Your admission is based on your academic background. Work expertise may be considered for some programmes. This means that if your academic background does not meet our entry requirements, you work experience is not enough on its own. 

We also can ensure that we have a clear record of how the decision was made about your application. 

Your transcript is required in order to submit your application, as this is the minimum amount of submitted documents required to begin assessing your application. 

This is based on what you enter in the 'Academic History' part of your application. 

For more information, please see 

Please note

  • So your application can begin being assessed, you will need to have completd at least one semester of tertiary-level study. This can be at a New Zealand or overseas tertiary institution.
  • If you do not have at least one semester of results available, we cannot begin assessing your application. 

You don't have to declare study completed at the University of Auckland. 

If you have studied at the University, we have access to your records and declaring this may cause delays in the assessment of your application. 

If you're unable to submit your transcript, please contact us to let us know why you cannot submit it. 

Diploma/Certificate/Level 5 study

For Diploma, Certificate or Level 5 study, you must have a minimum of one full year of accepted tertiary study with no failed courses. 

This may be considered accepted for admission to the University of Auckland.

GPE calculator

You can use our GPE calculator.

Where to submit your document(s)

Please make sure that you provide official academic transcripts for all prior tertiary study where you have completed or attempted courses. 

If applicable, please upload any completion evidence. 

It is important that you submit your academic transcripts as soon as possible. This is because some programmes have limited spaces. 

If you have studied at multiple institutions, and have multiple qualifications, the above documentation will be required for all your studies. 

If you do not have your official transcript, you can upload an unofficial transcript. We can make a preliminary or initial assessment. You can then provide your official transcript when it's ready. 

Unofficial transcripts can be

  • Web print-out of your academic record
  • An examination notification

Uploading your document

Your transcript can be uploaded into your application portal. 

Sharing your digital document

If you are sharing your digital document, you can do so through

*Formerly China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center (CHESSIC).

A certified digital transcript is an electronic copy of your academic transcript that can be shared with the University. This means you don't need to submit a hard copy. 

When uploading your certified digital transcripts as a PDF, please ensure it's not encrypted, or password protected. This is to prevent the upload from failing. 

The University doesn't accept digital certificates from other sharing platforms. 

Please note

  • If you have more than one transcript not available through My eQuals or CSSD, you will need to combine each transcript into a single PDF file for uploading.
  • If you have completed your studies with the University of Auckland, you do not need to provide evidence of this study. Your transcript will be accessed directly.
  • We cannot accept this document via email.

Is certification required?

As your official transcript are given to you by your prior tertiary institution, you usually do not need to get your transcript certified. 

The same applies to completion evidence, like graduation certificates.

Please note

  • A certified hard copy of your transcript(s) may be required in the future, for auditing purposes. 
  • Certified transcripts accepted to support your application are required by law to be retained by the University.

Is translation required?

If your document is in a language other than English, you must provide the original language version and the English translation. The translations must be prepared and certified by an acceptable translation service. 

For more information, please visit Translation of documents for admissions purposes.

What are your next steps?

If you uploaded a PDF copy of your transcript, the status of your transcript will show as 'Uploaded.'

If you shared a certified digital copy of your transcript via My eQuals or CSSD, the status of your transcript will show as 'Item received.'

The University of Auckland is familiar with overseas tertiary education systems, and we assess qualifications from recognised institutions on a case-by-case basis through the application process. 

If we require anything else from your application, we will let you know by email. The relevant transcript item status will become 'Resubmit' and we will say why it's needed. 

You can then provide additional documents online through your application portal.

Please be assured that your application is a priority to us. Delays may occur for the following reasons

  • It's our peak processing period
  • You applied for a future semester
  • You have shared your digital transcript but it's not showing as 'Item received.' If this is the case, please contact your prior tertiary institution to release and share your document

Our peak processing times are

  • September to February for Semester One
  • May to July for Semester Two

To check for updates, please visit your Application portal.

Unable to provide transcript(s) and/or certificate(s)

If you're unable to provide the relevant evidence, please email admission@auckland.ac.nz.

Please provide details about

  • Which transcript(s) and/or certificate(s) you cannot provide
  • Why you cannot provide the transcript(s) and/or certificate(s)

Additional information

International entry requirements

For more information around entry requirements, please see Entry requirements for international students

New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) assessment of overseas qualification(s)

The University of Auckland does not provide a service for the assessment of overseas qualifications prior to the application process. 

Please do not confuse certification with having your overseas qualification(s) assessed by NZQA. You do not need to have your overseas qualification(s) assessed by NZQA before applying with the University of Auckland. 

The University can only do their own assessment of your overseas qualification(s) for admissions purposes. 

You only need to have your overseas qualification(s) assessed by NZQA if you're asked to by the University. 

If you're needing your overseas qualification(s) assessed by NZQA for other reasons outside of applying, please visit NZQA's Getting overseas qualifications recognised by NZQA page.

Professional registration certificates

Professional registration certificates are not accepted for assessment purposes to meet general entry requirements to the University of Auckland. We cannot accept them as a replacement for

  • An official academic transcript
  • Evidence of a completed degree

Professional registration may be required as part of your application for a particular programme at the University of Auckland. 

You will need to upload this together with your application and at the same time as your official academic transcripts and degree certificates.