Undergraduate admission

If you’re applying for a bachelors degree, a certificate or other undergraduate programme, here’s our step-by-step guide for applications, admission and enrolment.

Step 1. Choose your programme

Step 2. Apply for admission

Before you apply you will need,

  • your personal email address
  • information on your prior study, including appropriate qualification codes or identification numbers. For example:
    • National Student Number or NSN (for NCEA students)
    • Candidate Code and Centre ID Code (for CIE students in NZ)
    • Personal Code (for IB students in NZ)

Is this your first time applying with us?

  1. Click, Application for Admission.
  2. Register for a new account:
    • Click, ‘Sign up for a new account’ below the Password entry field.
    • A confirmation message will ask you to confirm sign up for a new account. Select ‘Confirm’.
    • The 'Register for a new account' page will appear. Enter your email address, name and a password and click ‘Register’ (After accepting the IT Acceptable Use Policy and Disclaimer).
    • In the next page provide your contact details, date of birth, citizenship, ethnicity. Also indicate if you have a disability so we can better meet your needs.
  3. Complete all your Application for Admission sections, including:
    • ‘Academic History’: Enter all qualifications you completed or are currently completing.
    • ‘Programme Selection’: Select your intended programme. 
  4. Submit your application.
    • Ensure you have read the Declaration section. Click, ‘I Agree’ and ‘Submit application.’

If you have applied, studied or worked with us before

  1. Login to Application for Admission.
    • Use either your ID number or the email address used when you applied, and your password.
    • To reset your password, see I have forgotten my password.
  2. View/Update your ‘Personal summary’
  3. Click, ‘Apply for programme’ to add a new programme.
    • You can apply for a maximum of six programmes. Special Admission applicants can have only two active applications.
  4. Submit your application. 
    • Ensure you read the Declaration section, click ‘I Agree’ and ‘Submit application.’

What to expect after you apply

Within two working days, you will receive an acknowledgement email with,

  • a list of supporting documents we require.
  • a Student ID number for logging into your Application for Admission.

Step 3. Submit your supporting documents

Documents we require from you can be identified in your acknowledgement email or in the Things you need to do section of your Application for Admission.

For more information around application documents, visit AskAuckland - documents.

Step 4. Track your application progress

If you applied for the next semester intake, an admission decision will be made within four weeks from receipt of the required documents. Delays may occur for future semester intakes and during peak admission periods (September to January and May to July). Some documents may take longer to process than others.

Offer of place notification can vary depending on the assessment of programme-specific requirements such as a portfolio, audition and/or interview.

To see the status of your submitted documents, you can access the 'Things you need to do list' in your Application for Admission.

To see if you have gained an offer of place, you can view 'Your applications' in your Application for Admission.

Step 5. View your application decision

When a decision is made, the status will show under the 'Your applications' section of your Application for Admission.

Offer of place

You can accept or decline an offer of place in a programme from your Application for Admission. When you accept an offer of place, you are admitted to your programme. We will acknowledge your acceptance by email, with information on how to enrol.

If you have a conditional offer of place, you will need to meet all the conditions before you can enrol.

Step 6. Enrol in your courses

You can now enrol in courses for your programme. For help with choosing courses and enrolment, see Undergraduate enrolment.

Paying your fees

The fees you pay are based on the courses you enrol in. For information about fees and how to pay, visit Tuition fees.