Fee due dates

Find out when your fees are due.

You need to pay your fees by the first day of your study. If you enrolled after the first day of the semester or quarter, your fees are due on this date.

If you’re an international student outside of New Zealand, you need to pay your tuition fees very early for your student visa application to be processed.

2020 Fees due dates

Summer School

Monday 6 January 2020


Semester One - Monday 2 March 2020
Semester Two - Monday 27 July 2020


Quarter One - Monday 13 January 2020
Quarter Two - Wednesday 15 April 2020
Quarter Three - Monday 6 July 2020
Quarter Four - Monday 28 September 2020

For double semester courses (ending with suffix A & B), due date is the first day of the semester in which the A component starts.  


January start - Monday 6 January 2020 
April start - Monday 6 April 2020 
July start - Monday 6 July 2020 
August start - Monday 3 August 2020
October start - Monday 5 October 2020 

Doctoral fees

Your Doctoral Year starts on the first day of the month you enrol. Your fees are due 30 days after this date.

How to check your fees due date on Student Services Online

Student Services Online can help you to keep track of when your fees are due once you have enrolled in a course.


  1. Sign into Student Services Online.
  2. Click on the ‘Fees and Payments’ icon.
  3. The ‘Account Summary’ page will appear.
  4. Click the Charges due tab. The ‘Charges’ page will appear.

Overdue fees

If you don’t pay your fees by the due date, you risk incurring a late payment fee of $120 and losing your place.

For more information, see Overdue fees.