Overdue fees

Find out what happens when your fees are not paid by the due date.

Your fees must be paid in full on the due date. The fees due date is the first day of the semester/term, or on the day of enrolment (if after semester start date).

For more information, see Fee due dates.

You are liable for all fees if you remain enrolled in courses after the deadlines for Changing your enrolment.

If you have not paid your fees in full, you will receive reminders from the University of Auckland.

What happens if my fees are overdue?

Detailed information about overdue fees is available in the University Calendar Fees Statute 2001.

Domestic students

  • Your account may incur a late payment fee of $120.
  • Your enrolment into future courses will be restricted.
  • Your academic grades and record will be withheld.
  • Your account may be referred to a debt collection agency (collection costs will also be added).

If you have applied for a student loan, then you are responsible for ensuring that StudyLink pays the fees by the due date.

International students

  • Your enrolment may be temporarily cancelled due to non-payment.
  • You may incur a late payment fee of $120.
  • You may lose access to University systems and services.
  • Your overdue account may be referred to a debt collection agency (collection costs will also be added).

Courses with A and B components

If you are enrolling in a course that has A and B components, you must pay for them both at the same time, as the B is compulsory.

If you do not pay the B component of a course by the due date for the A component:

  • Your enrolment may be cancelled.
  • You may not be able to enrol in any other courses until:
    • You have provided proof that your visa is valid for the period you intend to study.
    • You have paid for the courses that you intend to study.



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