Prachi Shah

Prachi worked as an intellectual property, media and entertainment lawyer in India after completing her undergraduate degree in Mumbai. She’s now studying for her Master in Laws (LLM) in Intellectual Property Law at the University of Auckland.

Prachi Shah

“Everything was going fine until Covid-19 brought the world to a standstill, and made me reassess my life. I had always dreamed of delving deeper into international laws surrounding intellectual property rights, and the pandemic accelerated the process of achieving this dream.

“I was determined to study in New Zealand, and as one of the most reputed universities in the world, the University of Auckland was my first choice.

Being the leading university in New Zealand, as well as offering superb intellectual property courses - UoA was the dream university for me.

“My study covers all aspects of intellectual property along with dedicated research on copyrights.

“My chosen specialisation enables me to protect a person’s invention or artistic creativity, and even the brand name of a company. It allows me to fight for those rights that most people are unaware of.

“During my time so far at the University, I have assisted Associate Professor Rob Batty with research on a number of topics related to intellectual property. I’ve also had the opportunity to mark the scripts of undergraduate students.

“I am now more driven than ever to continue down this path, and study for a PhD in the future.”