Taught or research masters

Masters degrees at the University of Auckland are generally offered as either research or taught (coursework) masters. Find out more about the benefits of both for international students.

What is a masters degree?

A masters degree is a degree programme demonstrably in advance of undergraduate level, that provides training in scholarship and research.

This allows you to build on your previous study by increasing your knowledge in a specific subject area, enhancing your career prospects and understanding. It offers transferrable skills, researched alongside leading academic staff, rigorous intellectual analysis and problem solving.

Masters degrees usually consist of full time study of either:

  • one year (120 points)
  • 18 months (180 points)
  • or two years (240 points)

Our masters programmes are generally 180 points (18 months of full-time study) or 240 points (two years of full-time study). If you have already completed a year of postgraduate study, e.g. a postgraduate diploma, you may be admitted directly to a 120 point version (one year of full-time study).

Eligibility for the different options depends on the prior study you have completed. Some programmes will only include some of these options.

A masters degree can be structured as either a research or a taught programme and will have a points value assigned to it.

  • Research masters include a thesis or research portfolio of at least 90 points.
  • Taught masters are comprised of mainly taught courses, but can include a dissertation or research project of less than 90 points.

What's the difference between a taught or research masters?

Taught masters

Taught (or coursework) masters degrees will give you advanced specialist training in your chosen field. They are usually completed by coursework only, although some can include a dissertation.

Taught masters programmes are becoming increasingly popular with international students at the University of Auckland. With a focus on applied learning and preparation for work, these programmes can produce well-rounded graduates with a broad range of technical and soft skills.

We offer taught masters degrees across various disciplines.

Research masters

As New Zealand’s premier research-led university, we also offer research masters for international students.

A research masters degree provides you with the opportunity to develop advanced research skills and present findings in a documented scholarly form such as a thesis. Your research should make an independent contribution to learning or offer a critical perspective on existing scholarship or methodology.

The University of Auckland has earned a great reputation for delivering academic and research excellence within a supportive learning environment. We give you the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with outstanding academic staff from New Zealand and around the world.

The University has built a broad academic community of researchers, scholars and students who are ready to support you as you challenge current beliefs, form and test new ideas, and embark on an enriching and fulfilling career. We look forward to welcoming you as a member of our community.